About Love Meter

Love Calculator is an extraordinary invention of our Love Guru, Our Love expert was committed to give internet users a much powerful and accurate love percentage calculation tool. Our Love calculator is built with the power of PHP under the supervision of our Love advisers. Our Love Meter not only tells you, your love rating with your partner or anyone else, it also recommends you about your love relationship. Yeah ! That's the quality of our love compatibility checker tool. We have also included social sharing features in our advance love calculator that allow you to tell everyone over the web about your love score, We hope you will like it. Please don't forget to bookmarks us !

What is Love ?

Whenever we think, “What is love ?”, “Why it happens ?” it is just because [1] we are not able to make sure if a special someone really loves us, or [2] because a special someone just accused us of not really loving them. It is something in the human nature by default. It is a part of our humanity. When we are truly engaged in giving and receiving love, we do not ask such philosophical questions.

Recent Love Scores

Disclaimer :www.love.net.in is no way endorsed or affiliate with Love adviser or any external website like lovecalculator.com, lovetest.com, mylovecal.com, love-meter.net, biolovematch.com, calculatoroflove.com, lovecalculatorfree.com, cupidlovecalculator.com, love-tester.com, lovewale.com, or any other website. It works on a simple mathematical concept of love rating. It's only build for entertainment purpose. We are not an expert, we have just made an effort to give you a better love tester tool. it's an online tool not a software. you can use it on your windows, mac, android, linux, iphone or mobile phones. it's a free service for ever that is why We don't take any responsibility regarding to your love compatibility score with your partner, girl friend, boy friend or family members. We're committed with your privacy and a virus free website.
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